Nitrogen Filled Tires

YES! All of Cowtown's bus tires are filled with nitrogen rather than regular compressed air. Nitrogen allows our tires to run cooler. This helps us maintain proper tire pressure which in turn allows tires to last longer and be more resistant to failure. Safer tires means safer passengers.

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The Cowtown Experience always keeps your safety in mind.

The Cowtown Experience

From the time of your initial request for a quote until the last passenger exits the bus you will find that our modern fleet of well-maintained and clean motorcoaches provides safe and affordable transportation for groups large or small.

For years the symbol of a racing dog set the standard for how the motorcoach travel industry was perceived but in the last several years a lot has changed. We’re chasing that dog now.

Your safe trip is our primary goal. Cowtown promotes and maintains a culture of safety through a rigorous preventative maintenance program and by emphasizing critical routines our Operators must follow. A coach will not depart unless luggage compartments are inspected and secure. Inside the passenger compartment, Operators check to see that items brought on board do not block the aisle or interfere with the Operator’s view or motion.
Each Operator must also be satisfied that equipment is in proper working condition prior to operating a vehicle. This includes the following equipment:

– Service brakes
– Parking brake
– Steering mechanism
– Lighting devices and reflectors
– Tires
– Horns
– Windshield wipers
– Rear vision mirror or mirrors
– Coupling devices
– Emergency equipment

We want you to always feel that our commitment to our passengers’ safety, comfort and satisfaction with Cowtown Bus Charters, Inc. is the best choice you can make for your travel dollars. Contact our friendly customer service professionals today to schedule your next getaway at 1-877-BUS-GUYS or take the time to review our Quick Quote section below and begin to learn what so many in our community already know. Cowtown’s charter service offers you the finest in quality transportation with an unbeatable low price guarantee. Our staff will work to make certain you have the best bus experience possible.