Safety, Safety, Safety is job one at Cowtown Bus Charters, Inc. We believe a safe trip is the only travel experience our passengers deserve. Because of this commitment our employees have dedicated themselves to putting your safety first in everything we do. Our operators are annually re-certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (C.P.R.).

We have an industry leading safety record. Our company has the highest Department of Transportation safety rating and has maintained that level throughout its history. We invite you to take some time to look over some of Cowtown’s practices and policies that are designed to keep our passengers among the safest in the world.

Preventive Maintenance

Every bus in Cowtown's inventory is kept on a strict preventive maintenance schedule by our in-house technicians. We keep meticulous records and will never send a bus on the road that will not meet our high standards. Not all bus companies are equal. Cowtown Bus Charters, Inc. holds itself to above the rest.

Operator's Drive Time Limits

Because keeping our passengers safe is our most important job, we do not allow our Professional Operators to work longer than a ten hour day and we also require a minimum ten hours of rest between shifts behind the wheel.

Ready View GPS

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) systems are great tools for helping drivers stay on course. Cowtown Charters employs the Ready View System, which allows us to track each of our motorcoaches location from our offices.

Emergency Exits

Each Coach has several Emergency exits including two hatches in the roof. Be sure to ask your Operator about these important features.

Pre-Trip Safety Message

Before each charter begins, our passengers hear a prerecorded message. This recording explains the rules and regulations of the bus what will be expected of them should an emergency situation occur as well as how they can help make their excursion more pleasant and safe for themselves and their fellow passengers.

Synthetic Lubricants

Cowtown Bus Charters exclusively employs synthetic lubricants in its fleet. Synthetic lubricants provide better low and high temperature viscosity performance. This helps our engines run better and reduces the likelihood of heat related failures. Besides reducing our operating expenses, synthetics reduce the consumption of petrochemicals and the emission of hydrocarbons. In short, they make for a greener planet.


Smarttire electronically monitors a bus' tire pressure and temperature. Should pressure drop or tires become too warm, an alarm warns the Operator so preventative action can be taken.

Bluetooth Equipped

All of Cowtown Charters' coaches are equipped with on board cell phones with Bluetooth Headsets. All drivers carry a Bluetooth headset for cell phone use so they can have two hands on the wheel at all times. You will never see any of our Operators driving with one hand on a phone and the other on the wheel.


The DriveCam System is installed on all of Cowtown's coaches. The DriveCam system monitors the driver’s performance. It has a lateral and forward accelerometers and monitors whether or not the driver turns too fast, is following too close to other vehicles, or is braking during a turn.

Nitrogen Filled Tires

YES! All of Cowtown's bus tires are filled with nitrogen rather than regular compressed air. Nitrogen Filled Tires improve longevity and run cooler reducing blowouts. It is also better for the environment because the tires do not leak as easily. This helps us maintain proper tire pressure which in turn allows tires to last longer and be more resistant to failure. Safer tires means safer passengers.

Operator Experience

Cowtown Bus Charters' fleet is among the newest and safest on America's roads but that is only second in value to our Operators. We only hire professional Operators who have an average of 21 years experience behind the wheel. They must be over 35 years of age and can pass a background check. The important thing to remember is that our Operators always put your safety first.

Efficient is Safe

Did you know that Motorcoaches lead every other travel mode in terms of their fuel efficiency on a per-passenger basis, averaging more than 200 passenger miles per gallon.* Besides keeping passengers safe we think it's important to keep the environment safe as well. *Source: American Bus Association website